WBS scoops Corporate Social Responsibility award.

WBS Television has received an exemplary award from the Uganda Chapter for Corporate Social Responsibility for its persistence in making people’s lives better.

While presenting the award to the senior management of WBS at Serena hotel this morning, the chairman for the Uganda chapter for CSR, David Katamba noted that the award is not competed for but the recipient is arrived at following criteria of looking out for those companies which have a sustained initiative for helping the country meet the millennium development awards.

Central Broadcasting Services CBS also received a similar award for its initiative in programs like “nsindika njake”.

WBS television has once again been identified as one of the leading companies  in Uganda that have sustained a corporate social responsibility initiative that brings positive change to the lives of  people across all generations and classes.

The CSR initiative applied a criteria of selecting and awarding those companies which strive for a better and sustainable business environment. Reacting to the news of the award, the Chairman Spear Group of Companies professor Gordon Wavamunno was happy to note that Ugandans have shown their appreciation for what WBS does for them.

Among the other companies that were recognized is CBS radio for its various community mobilization and sensitization programs which aim at building self sustainable programs. However, it came as surprise that many of the major companies which appear on the list on large tax payers were not recognized. Read more


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