Mr .David Katamba Showing CSR research .

Mr David Katamba showing completed CSR Research.We carry out CSR Research.

UCCSRI offers a diversity of products and services to the Ugandan and the international community, through the various activities.

Key activities of UCCSRI are: Research; Capacity development (Training); Designing CSR Promotions materials; Organizing CSR events (workshop, dialogues, conferences, consultative meetings); consultancy; and developing CSR performance and monitoring tools.

These are presented in details below:

Conduct series of CSR research for the benefit of CSR stakeholders (companies, policy makers, donor agencies, academicians, etc). Most of the CSR activities undertaken in Uganda from early 2009 on words are following the observation and recommendations s of the Uganda CSR study conducted by UCCSRI and financed by German Development Service (ded). It was entitled “CSR in Uganda: Perceptions, Approaches and Needs of companies” published December, 2008.

Conduct CSR Training (specifically in CSR planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation).

Develop nationwide campaigns focused on explaining the concept of CSR to companies, decision makers, consumers, and academic world. The CSR discussion blog is one of the initiatives that offers a good platform for this.

Undertake independent CSR reviews that can assess the impact of any merger, acquisition or development of businesses, products or sites.

Review CSR & sustainable development initiatives throughout the country.

Disseminate legal requirements or regulations regarding CSR to Ugandan businesses.

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