UCCSRI is the leading source for corporate social responsibility (CSR) information and advisory services in Uganda.

Our History:

Uganda Chapter for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives (UCCSRI) works with different partners so as to enhance and foster CSR practices in Uganda and Africa at large. It was founded in early 2007 after a series of meetings and discussions with different development partner organisations and officials. In August 2007, UCCSRI joined the United Nations Global Compact so as to foster, enhance, and promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development in Uganda, with an international touch.

Legally, UCCSRI is a company registered and governed in the laws of the Republic of Uganda, limited by guarantee. It was registered on 11th October 2007, with certificate number: 92992

UCCSRI in brief.

UCCSRI is the leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) information and advisory source in Uganda. It is also a forum for discussion and exchange of CSR ideas and issues in Uganda. Currently, it works voluntarily, helps & coordinates companies and enterprises operating in Uganda to continuously embrace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues across all their operations. This includes contribution of knowledge, ideas, extension of skills and capacity building as well as Management of business processes in line with CSR.

CSR working definition for Uganda:

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the business approach where there is voluntary commitment to integrate into the overall business and organisational strategy, social & environmental concerns as the business pursues its economic operations.

Since many laws are not adhered to, we find the definition that involves “going beyond compliancy”, inadequate. Hence, in terms of theories, UCCSRI research has found that it’s the “Stakeholders theory of CSR” which is more applicable in Uganda.

To help companies easily understand and integrate CSR in their strategy, UCCSRI and the CSR Consultative Group, has developed the CSR Matrix, and the Executive CSR Training Tool kit

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