CSR Round Table

About the CSR-Roundtable ®:

The CSR-Roundtable ® is an event organized by UCCSRI with CSR stakeholders in Uganda. This event is held after every four months. Its major objective is to strengthen the expert knowledge, competency and continuous development of CSR practitioners and professionals in Uganda as they participate in business and economic development activities. These professionals include: Human Resources Managers, CSR managers, Corporate Affairs directors, the academia and all other personnel that have keen interest in the subjects and fields of Corporate Responsibility, Corporate governance, anti corruption, Sustainability issues, corporate social responsibility (CSR), Public relations; corporate communications; Community relations, and Brand building.

Key activities that take place during the CSR-Roundtable ®:

1. Discussion and exchange of business ideas, knowledge and skills that promote CSR related issues (anti-corruption, advocacy, corporate governance, access to economic information, informal sector participation in economic freedom, environmental protection, etc).

2. Opportunity for companies in Uganda to show case and share their CSR best practices.

3. Key note speeches from international and local renowned CSR and sustainability professionals.

4. Presentation of Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) opportunities for company engagement in social and economic reforms.

5. Conduct Free (or subsidized) CSR Professional short Trainings on selected topics.

6. Honoring distinctive individuals (or institutions / companies) in Uganda that are striving for a better and sustainable business environment.

Partners in the organization of the CSR-Roundtable ®:

UCCSRI is the lead organizing agency. Other partners are:

1. Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU)

2. Aga Khan Development Network – Civil Society Program (AKDN –CSP)

3. SNV Uganda (The Netherland Development Cooperation)

4. CSR Consultative Group

5. German International Cooperation (GIZ)

6. Makerere University Business School (MUBS)

7. National Council For Higher Education.