CSR Awards

About the CSR Exemplary Award.

Inaugurated on 30th June 2011 at Kampala Serena Hotel, during the 1st CSR Round-Table®, The “CSR Exemplary Award” is a meritorious, prestigious and outstanding award given by UCCSRI. It is not a substitute to any award given in Uganda. Its uniqueness is that, it’s given to those (persons, companies, parastatals, development agencies, etc) who have laid a track of good example of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development practices for others to learn and emulate. It’s not a ranked award neither an annual award.

You don’t have to be nominated neither have to compete for this award. It’s only given out after longitudinal research and systematic observations conducted by UCCSRI and its partners to very few qualifying recipients during the ‘CSR Round-Table® events.’

This award also does not base on how much money has been invested by its recipient in CSR but rather a combination of: (i) the uniqueness in what they do; (ii) the duration and quality attached to what they have done over a given period of time (minimum three years, -longitudinal); (iii) outstanding lessons which others can borrow / emulate from such CSR undertakings; (iv) and the sustainable development impact that such CSR undertaking has generated for a better Uganda.

The CSR Exemplary Award is offered in honor and recognition of long term “corporate social responsibility and sustainable development initiatives” aimed at improving the living conditions of the people in communities local to and impacted by the ‘award’ winning organization / business entity / person. That is, it’s given out:

i. In honor of an initiative to address a specific need identified in Uganda and addressing it by the “award winner” has brought about recognizable social and human development / transformation.

ii. In honor of a program or practice demonstrating the long standing commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) of companies and organizations in Uganda.

iii. In honor of ‘a creative initiative’ in which a large development impact is made irrespective of the amount of the financial investment made in Uganda.

iv. In honor of a long term social and human development project, intended to be continuously supported by a specific or group of companies (or in-partnerships), once the project is completed.