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Our Core Activities

UCCSRI Gathers and Disseminates knowledge about CSR and Sustainable development through organizing conferences,seminars and workshops

UCCSRI Oganises and Provides avenue and platform for development agencies in Uganda to share their “sustainable development” plans with the private sector to enhance PPP’s

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Nov, 2011

June 2011, Nov 2011 csr_eabs

10th Nov, 2011

Sept 2010 – Nov, 2010 CSR training for Organisations

June 2011, Nov 2011

CSR Awards

UCCSRI recognises and awards companies that are exemplary in engaging in CSR and sustainable development.

June 2011, Nov 2011

UCCSRI launched the “CSR Exemplary Award” in June 2011 during the 1st CSR Round-Table®. This is a meritorious, prestigious and outstanding award given by UCCSRI to those (persons, companies, parastatals, development agencies, etc) who have laid a track of good example of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development practices for others to learn and emulate and on a combination of :

(i) The uniqueness in what they do.

(ii) The duration and quality attached to what they have done over a given period of time (minimum three years, – longitudinal).

(iii) Outstanding lessons which others can borrow / emulate from such CSR undertakings.

 (iv) And finally, the sustainable development impact that such CSR undertaking has generated for a better Uganda.

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