UCCSRI is the leading not-for-profit private company in Uganda that offers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plus Sustainable Development information and advisory services.

As a company that has expert and specialised knowledge, we provide guidance, platform and avenue to discuss and exchange CSR ideas and sustainable development issues in Uganda.

Currently, UCCSRI helps & coordinates companies and enterprises operating in Uganda to continuously embrace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development issues across all their operations.

This is done through contribution of knowledge, ideas, extension of skills and capacity building as well as Management of business processes in line with CSR.

Our Major Objective:

To promote and support the implementation of CSR and sustainable development aspects that improve the competitiveness and market opportunities for Companies (both private and public), Corporations, and small & medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in Uganda.

Specific objectives of UCCSRI

  • To strengthen the CSR ethical and moral conduct in Uganda.
  • To promote CSR Innovations in all areas of business.
  • To provide high-end CSR philanthropic advice.
  • To promote sustainable development issues in Uganda.

UCCSRI supports the United Nations Global compact. We contribute to the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) achievement by advocating for and promoting sustainable development through CSR practises.


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