UCCSRI is the leading not-for-profit private company in Uganda that offers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Company Profile

UCCSRI is the leading source for corporate social responsibility (CSR) information and advisory services in Uganda.



UCCSRI offers a diversity of products and services to the Ugandan and the international community, through the various activities.

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UCCSRI’s Major Objective.

To promote and support the implementation of CSR and sustainable development aspects that improve the competitiveness and market opportunities for Companies (both private and public), Corporations, and small & medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in Uganda.

  1. Specific Objectives Of UCCSRI
    • To conduct CSR research and offer appropriate advice.
    • To strengthen the CSR ethical and moral conduct in Uganda.
    • To promote CSR Innovations in all areas of business.
    • To reward, recognize & emphasize corporate citizenship.
    • To educate the public about the value of CSR & Sustainable development.
    • To provide high-end CSR philanthropic advice.
  2. Our Mission

    To recognize and strengthen the importance of everyone’s responsibilities towards corporate social responsibility in a coordinated and committed fashion through the provision of high end CSR information, consultancy services, research, capacity building and skills extension”

  3. Goal of UCCSRI

    To have a healthful, productive, enjoyable and sustainable environment in favor of all persons,communities, businesses and organizations, with opportunities to gain new skills, competitiveness and advancement in achievements, careers and goals.